There are many benefits of studying in Surrey. It is a sure thing that our English will improve, and it also allows us to meet students from many other cultures. We learn English that can be used in real life. Most Asian countries teach English but it is almost useless in real life, whereas learning English in Surrey is different. People from many different countries, come to Surrey to study, and we meet them face to face. It might seem hard and uncomfortable, but on the other hand, it can make us into people who can endure and adapt to different culture. We develop independent minds, and it makes us stronger and more tenacious. Also, we might experience things that we were not able to in own home country.

Kyle, Grade 10
Earl Marriott Secondary

I think Surrey, one of the most wonderful places in Canada, is the city for international students hoping to improving English skills… there are safe surroundings & environment, kind teachers, and wonderful neighbourhoods. I was so lucky to be a student of my school, which has been providing me with very challenging courses. For the first couple of months, it was hard for me to meet their demands, but now I know my English skills have improved as well as knowledge in Math and Science. I also thank my homestay mom and dad, who always treat me as one of their kids.

Alex, Grade 11
Fleetwood Park Secondary

If I hadn’t come here, I never could have experienced the culture of Canada: the way they dress the way they eat and all the manners that we have to have when we stay here. It is just so different from my home country.

Christine, Grade 7
White Rock Elementary

My homestay and my friends helped me with my English skills. I feel thankful to them. Also, the ESL Program was my best friend in learning English. I am proud of my English skills!

Brian, Grade 6
South Meridian Elementary

Seven months ago, I arrived in Canada to study English like other international students. I was so fortunate to work with all the teachers and other staffs who helped me to realize how important of my future is. I have worked hard, and now my academic performance improved a lot.

Chris, Grade 9
Fleetwood Park Secondary School